Effect of Educational Videos on the Interest, Motivation, and Preparation Processes for Mathematics Courses

Emine Ozgur Sen 1 *

Contemporary Mathematics and Science Education, Volume 3, Issue 1, Article No: ep22009

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Videos are widely used teaching materials in education. The current research aimed to conduct an examination of the effects that different educational videos prepared for the distance education model had on the motivation, interest, and course preparation processes of students for mathematics courses. A total of 106 (80 females and 26 males) mathematics teacher candidates agreed to participate in the current study. Two different educational videos were used in the study. The first of these was prepared by the educator, while the second was taken from the Khan Academy education videos. It was determined that, although the educational videos prepared by the educator made no significant difference with regard to the motivation of the students toward the course, there was a significant difference with regard to the level of interest in the course. On the other hand, the Khan Academy videos were found to have a significant effect on the pre-test as well as the post-test scores of the motivation of students toward the course, but did not result in a significant difference in their interest in the course.



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